Word Wrestlers. UBC Creative Writing's Summer Camp for Kids.

As Annie Dillard said, writing is an awful lot like wrestling an alligator. You’re bound to get muddy, and sometimes the gator is so heavy it feels like you’ll never get him pinned. Other times, you dazzle and dominate the match; you almost can’t believe how you managed it.

Just as there are winning strategies in the art of gator-tackling – sneak attacks and hypnotism being only a few – there are also powerful tools for constructing great writing. Our expert coaches lead campers in daily creative practices, including writing workshops and inspirational field trips. We also provide ringside seats for talks on technique and the writing life from acclaimed authors.

Wrestlers leave camp with a published chapbook of some of the week’s products, a bunch of new friends, and a treasury of bold moves to carry forward, enabling them to tackle their next sentence, and the sentence after that.


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